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A project for self-sustainability at sea

A boat as a statement for a different kind of life

The word “Cachalote” is Spanish and Portuguese for “sperm whale”. It is also the name of our ship – a 65 foot catamaran designed to sleep 14 people

- Unique in its design
- A unusual philosophy
- A open source project
- A floating laboratory for research on hydrogen fuel, zero-point, wind/solar energy
- A place to hold Work-Shops of all kinds
- A place to meet people
- A place for fun and joy to explore marine life
- A place for individuals to find inner peace
- Eco-friendly and self-sustainable

Would you like to be part of this project ?

I invite and encourage you to email us with any ideas, suggestions, or comments you might have about the design and construction of the Cachalote. 

We plan and dream of building a 65-foot catamaran with a wingsail rig, based on the unique and creative design of Tim Dunn of BigCat, Inc., in Arlington, Washington (USA).

Catamaran with experimental design and WingSail rig

A unique design

A fast sailing boat. Estimated max. speed 26 knots.
6 double cabins and 2 single cabins

Our mission

Our mission is, to build an eco-friendly sailing boat that supports and encourages individuals to foster one's own responsibility, as well as to create and preserve a healthy environment. A boat that demonstrates that energy can be free, NOT expensive and availabel for everybody. A floating laboratory to find and prove new innovative and eco-friendly ideas on self-sustainability at sea. A floating place to celebrate work-shops of all kinds. A place for people to meet and find peace of mind, to sail and enjoy the marine environment with its flora and fauna.

Part of our mission is to find out "Who we are" and/or "Who we could be". A spiritual journey. A joyful quest for the Truth. Read more...

Free energy

All my life, I experienced the use of energy (electricity, petrol, gas and solar) as something controversial, scarce, environmentally unfriendly, very expensive and I had to work hard to get it.

It doesn't have to be like that !


My philosophy of life is based on the recent scientific discoveries in quantum physics, along with elements of the writings of Bruce Lipton, Michael Talbo, Lynne Mc Taggart, Tamera, and others... Read more...