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I’d like to state that this section is the current subject of the writer and editor of this web-site (Jürg Zimmermann). I do not expect that all participants in this project share the same view, desire and enthusiasm to look at this with the same eyes. However, people on this and around this boat will naturally be confronted with a somewhat “different kind of Truth”.

My philosophy of life is in an on-going process of evolution. If I receive an other insight, I reserve the right to change my mind on a daily basis.
This information, for many people, might be very controversial. I have no desire to preach or become my own priest. There are lots of other men and women who do that already. However, it would be nice to find people who share an interest along these issues.

The Cachalote project is an expression of what gives me joy and happiness.

Essentially I can say that I'm on a search for what is True, answering the questions:

- Who am I ? Why am I here and what is my purpose ?
- Why has my life evolved the way it evolved ?
- Do I create my own reality ? Do we (humans) co-create our reality or is this a individual, personal issue ?
- Where do my believes, judgments and values come from ?
- And where do all the other living things like plants, animals fit into this ?
- What is this all about Love and Sexuality ?

I might call it a unique journey toward self-realization that leads to a life free of fear, a less judgmental aptitude, different beliefs and values or even become free of it. Free of attachments, free of the past and future, free of governments and religions and gurus of all kinds, and free to experience life on Earth without limitation or restriction.

At this point I'd like to include a special "THANK YOU" to the community of Tamera in Portugal. The time I spent there has always been inspiring and beneficial to me. Their way to look at the relationship between a man and a woman has greatly changed my view on the issues related to love and sexuality.

I also like to express my gratitude to Stephen Davis for his friendship in the past. His influence has greatly inspired my own research on "what is True". I also like to thank Stephen for his substantial participation in the design and the technical research for the boat.

The following people have influenced and inspired my believes and interests:

- Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe 
- Lynne Mc Taggart, The Field
- Bruce Lipton, Epigenetics
- Rupert Sheldrake,  Morphic Fields
- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Green New Deal
- Greta Thunberg,  For her courageous and clear voice