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Our mission is, to build an eco-friendly sailing boat that supports and encourages individuals to foster one's own responsibility, as well as to create and preserve a healthy environment. A boat that demonstrates that energy can be free, NOT expensive and availabel for everybody. A floating laboratory to find and prove new innovative and eco-friendly ideas on self-sustainability at sea. A floating place to celebrate work-shops of all kinds. A place for people to meet and find peace of mind, to sail and enjoy the marine environment with its flora and fauna.

An essential part of our mission is to find out "Who we are" and/or "Who we could be", searching for a different live-style and freedom. To look at our judgments and values and live free of fear, free of attachments, free of the past and future and become a strong, shining, self-conscious and independent individual, free of governments and religions and gurus of all kinds. To become individuals which follow their excitement, joy and love and are free to experience life on Earth without limitation or restriction (see our philosophy).

Spyhopping sperm whale

About the ship's name

Mostly because of our phascination for sperm whales and one very special encounter with them.
Cachalote means sperm whale in Spanish and Portugese.

Many thanks to Stephen Davis to produce the video.
As well my thanks to the crew members who contributed with their personal pictures and videos.