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Free energy and Cachalote

There are different definitions for “free energy”. One of the more popular definitions is that this energy is freely available to the public and not sold by a sole provider.
An other association with “free energy” is that this energy is available in vast amounts and non-polluting.
The topic of “free energy” and energy in general, will not be covered on this web-site.
The internet is full of useful and, I’m afraid, not so useful information.
All my life, I experienced the use of energy (electricity, petrol, gas and solar) as something controversial, scarce, environmentally unfriendly, very expensive and I had to work hard to get it.
I made my own personal experiences and experiments with hydrogen, installing a fuelsaver from  Eagle Research  in my Mitsubishi Spacewagon. We brought the 2 litre engine form 9-10 litre per 100/km, down to 7 litre.
It taught me something about cars and their design to use petrol, instead of using up as little as possible. Water powered engines is a large topic. Very interesting and very promising.
Projects for Brown’s gas, the Stan Meyer electrolysis, Orgon and Zero-point energy experiments, are around for a decade now. And, I guess, there is some stuff out there, which I’m not aware of.

This project is designed to have some of this technology installed on board of Cachalote. No proprietary technology will be developed.
The whole idea is, to treat this energy topic like an open-source project. Everybody is welcome to contribute. The results are owned by the public.
Cachalote could be an excellent embassador to promote this kind of technology. With the right kind of PR, more people will see that it can be donne.